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What to see, what to do

Bi Terra, exceptional environment

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It is good to know a little about the area around Bi terra, what you can do and see here. Let´s see…

Without leaving Friol area you can do a little sightseeing: Go to the museum of ethnography at san Paio de Narla fortress, admire the chapel or visit the several roman churches which are disseminated all around.

Contemplate the “pazos” (estate houses) and heraldic houses.

For a refreshing dip go to the local swimming pool or the river for the braves! Or simply take a drink in the shade of the forest.

On the first Sunday of every month there is a local market in Friol. It`s interesting to take a look and explore the local stalls.

Lugo is only a step away and you shouldn`t miss the opportunity to walk the Unesco Roman Walls. Take time to see the cathedral or the Archbishop palace, the town hall, museums… The roman roots are reflected in every corner. And, of course, if you want to relax you cannot forget the thermal springs and the famous Spa.

There are interesting trips for travellers with (or without) children: interpretation centres, nature centres, and natural parks. And we would be delighted totell you how to find them.

The coast of Lugo is about an hour away, and wether it is to go sunbathing or simply enjoy a stroll, even with the possibility of a few rain drops, it is well worth the journey.

Bi terra is situated in the middle of everywhere so you don’t have to drive big distances to reach to A Coruña (75 km) or Santiago (85 km) for example.

All of this is BI TERRA, is our home and we want to share with you so leave your holidays run free and come to know us.

Would you like to?