Our special services for the Way of St James

31st stretch on the Northern way

Transport service

The 31st stage of the Northern Way is located between Baamonde and Sobrado dos Monxes.

Because this stretch is veeery long, many pilgrims like to do it in two parts, staying with us one or two nights, some even three nights.

Our hotel is located very near the Way. Transportation (CONSULT transfer service) between the Way and the hotel is offered to pilgrims staying two or three nights. We can pick you up from:

– In Bamonde and the area around Miraz (i.e. in Seixón –at mesón O Cruceiroiro-, in Miraz, in Alto da Mámoa –at km. 79,473- or in Roxica)
– In the area aroundMiraz and in Sobrado
– In Baamonde, the area around Miraz and Sobrado

The return transportation to the Way will be to the same place where you were collected from previously, in agreement with other pilgrims.

We cannot offer transportation before breakfast even if you do not wish to have breakfast.

If you do wish to leave early and not use our transport service, we can provide you with a telephone number of the local taxi company.

This way you can walk without your heavy backpack, save time packing and unpacking, and sleep three nights in the same comfortable bed. All this with transportation solved.

In Baamonde the collecting happens at 5pm, in front of the Galicia restaurant. On the other days you only have to call half an hour before arriving at the pick-up point and we will come and pick you up as soon as possible, co-ordinating it with other transportations of the day.

If you wish to stay only one night, there is no transport service between the Way and the hotel. It is also possible to arrive on foot, only a small detour away.

The following day you can return to Miraz (or wherever you finish), again with a taxi or continuing your way on foot from the hotel and connecting with the official Way again. Sobrado is 16 kilometres from Bi Terra.

The cycling pilgrims, changing their route just slightly, can arrive directly at our place, given that we do not have bike transport available for the moment.

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