Bi Terra


Hotel Rural in Camino Norte

Bi Terra, unique spaces.

Bi Terra, two lands Basque-Galician, Galician-Basque, our hearts are between both places.

Two lands and two ways to enjoy this place: rest in our hotel or taste our seriously good homemade recipes in our restaurant, where you can find Galician and Basque cooking.

Duality, that´s the word. You also find this in the buildings that formed Bi terra.

The hotel building is over 200 years old, it was uninhabited almost 15 years and, little by little, it was falling into ruin until we arrived and rescued it. Turned it around from the foundations to the roof. The result… you have to see it for yourself. It is a mix of wood, slate, glass, iron, stainless steel… rustic and modern carefully balanced.

The restaurant, in contrast, is a new building but integrates well into the rural environment. To appreciate the decoration inside, there is no better way than sitting and tasting our recipes made with local products.

The surrounding area…what could we say about it? Many of the people who have spent their holidays here say they could breathe peace in our land. You can listen to the silence, the whistling of the wind, birds waking to the first rays of the morning sun, the tinkling of cow bells. It is Mother Nature speaking.

Come to Bi terra and disconnect, clear your mind, leave your children roam free. You can create your perfect holiday with us.

Bi terra, unique spaces.